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Welcome to Middle Tennessee Hearing Solutions!

Working within the medical community, our clinic provides a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing assessments and rehabilitation, education, and counseling.

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Our clinic also fits and dispenses sophisticated hearing aids and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and lifestyles. Assessments regarding the level of amplification that would be best suited to our patients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation by a certified audiologist.

We also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.

Services Hearing Aids

  • Hearing Evaluation

    The purpose of a complete diagnostic hearing assessment is to determine if a hearing problem exists. We see patients from birth to geriatric.

  • Tinnitus Treatment

    Tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be very bothersome. We provide tinnitus management strategies.

  • Hearing Protection

    We provide earplugs and custom ear molds to protect the hearing and prevent hearing loss for swimmers, hunters and musicians and much more.

  • Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids come in many different sizes and technologies. Each persons requirements differ and hearing aids may be customized to your individualized needs.

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Middle Tennessee Hearing Solutions

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Middle Tennessee Ear, Nose, & Throat

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