Making New Strides

The Stride Blu Ultra Power, our newest hearing aid to use the Moxi Blu platform, helps you make the most out of every moment. These hearing aids excel at easy personalization and reliable, direct connectivity that offers life-enhancing hearing solutions.

In addition, Stride B-UP users can now take advantage of the Remote Plus app, which allows for an enhanced hearing experience and remote adjustments from your hearing care professional.

A New Perspective

The Moxi Blu platform is powered by the Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip with twice the memory as previous models. This ensures that the Moxi Blu delivers an adaptable, personalized and freeing hearing experience like never before.

Discreet Discovery

Unitron’s small, in-the-canal Insera line of hearing aids are each powered by Discover Next, a platform designed for incredible sound performance to capture deeper meaning in your conversations. Discover Next helps people know who is talking, know where their voices are coming from and allows them to hear better in noisy environments with background noise.

Reliability For Every Situation

Whether you seek the best hearing aid for physical activity, enhanced performance for conversations or technology that’s practically invisible, Unitron delivers with each of its other devices:

  • Moxi Blu Family
  • Stride Family
  • Shine
  • Max SP
  • Max UP